We are producing high quality products based on our experience in the tubular inspection field with highest and latest technologies in simple and tough designs using original (USA & Europe) spare parts. Our units (31 up until now) are working in perfect condition in 17 deferent countries; Egypt (5), Libya (3), Algeria (1), Congo (1), Syria (1), KSA (3), Indonesia (1), Malaysia (6), Singapore (1), Angola (1), Gabon (1), Azerbaijan (1), UAE (1), Iran (2), Kuwait (1), Oman (1) and USA (1) in addition to a lot of supplies, accessories and services in deferent countries. We are providing also a lot of products and services which you can find through our website.

One of our advantages than others that we are located in Egypt, which is in a central location in the world which makes it easy for us to visit our clients, wherever they are for after sale services like maintenance, repair, upgrade, calibration and even training. Our unit and accessories are compatible with any other system and can work.

normally with them, and you can easily make a combination between their system and ours (But still there are some heads can’t be attached to our buggy drive and vice versa). All of our products are compatible to DS-1 and API standards.

Drill Pipe EMI unit ”Horus 5002”

DP EMI Unit “Horus 5002″ is a new technology of portable DP units. It is a result of developing and combining the most up to date technologies of DP scan systems. The unit has got the following specifications:

Economical and easy to use

Transverse (TV) Flaw Detection System

Thermal recorded chart systems Pipe Size Range 2-3/8″ to 6-5/8” Buggy speed control property

Calibration and standardization systems by using internal and/or external pulser system

One fixed mother board

Productive, durable and dependable design

Built in data acquisition with 2 USB ports to connect the unit to PC Easy software is provided for computerized operational recording. Electrical and electronic protection system

Unit installed in a very strong and tough fiber carrying case

Anti-shock system.

Designed to meet most of the Industry’s Quality Standards and requirements

Very competitive price.

Drill Pipe EMI unit ”Horus 5003”

EiToP is working now on a new model of portable DP units which is a result of a deferent development and research techniques. The Horus 5003 is a dual function EMI unit by detecting transverse imperfections and by monitoring localized and un- localized wall thickness reduction. The Horus 5003 will come very soon with newly added specifications in addition to all 5002 unit’s specifications.

Drill Pipe Main Accessories

Cables Set (Signal, Coil, Buggy & Power) Dual buggy drive 2 3/8”to 5 7/8″

Dual buggy drive 2 3/8” to 6 5/8″

8” ID DP Coil (for size up to 3 ½”)

9” ID DP Coil (for size up to 4 ½”)

10” ID DP Coil (for size up to 5 ½”)

11” ID DP Coil (for size up to 5 7/8”)

12” ID DP Coil (for size up to 6 5/8”) Buggy head 2 3/8’’ up to 6 5/8’’ Standard test pipe 2 3/8’’ up to 6 5/8’’

Air jack (normal) set with hose, 4 ext. & 2 tracks

Air jack (hi-lo) set with hose & 2 tracks

Step-down Transformer 220/110 V (3 KVA)

OD Gauges with test block (any size from 2 3/8″ – 6 5/8″) Heavy Duty Aluminum Box w 4 lifting points 1*1*1 m Steel Box for Test Pipes w 2 lifting points

Re-facing Unit with all accessories

Drill Pipe Main Spare Parts & Consumables

Thermal chart paper roll

Plug & Play EiToP 5002i Mother Board Head shoes any size (2 3/8 up to 6 5/8) Spring, for buggy head any size

Thermal Printer W Cable

Elec. essential spare parts Package

BHA Inspection Equipment

The following are the main BHA equipments that EiToP manufacturing right now, other items could be supplied through our supply service



10″ ID adjustable Shooting DC Coil for BHA (220 V)

12″ ID adjustable Shooting DC Coil for BHA (220 V)

BHA Heavy Duty Aluminum Box w 4 lifting points 1.2X1X0.75 m

Black light Hood

Weight Lift Bar

3 ft Brush Extension for Drill

2 Electric Extensions Cords with Plugs

Drift Tape, 50ft, 3/4 X 1/16″

Double Spiral Brush for Drill, any size

Other Products

Our research department is currently working on some brilliant designs for manufacturing other equipments needed in the inspection process like 4 functions EMI unit, full length pipe cleaner, pipe straightener and bucking unit. New technologies will be introduced, which will help inspection companies to achieve.

their jobs in an easier way with maintaining high performance and quality. EiToP

will be presenting these equipments with spectacular prices.

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