Drill Pipe EMI unit ”Horus 5002”

DP EMI Unit “Horus 5002″ is a new technology of portable DP units. It is a result of developing and combining the most up to date technologies of DP scan systems. The unit has got the following specifications:

Economical and easy to use.

Transverse (TV) Flaw Detection System.

Thermal recorded chart systems Pipe Size Range 2-3/8″ to 6-5/8” Buggy speed control property.

Calibration and standardization systems by using internal and/or external pulser system.

One fixed mother board.

Productive, durable and dependable design

Drill Pipe Horus 5002

We are producing high quality products based on our experience in the tubular inspection field with highest and latest technologies in simple and tough designs using original (USA & Europe) spare parts.


EiToP is specialized in manufacturing all types of inspection tools, with the best Experience.


Maintenance & Repair

EiToP has a highly experienced team of maintenance engineers in tubular inspection tools.


Upgrade & development

EiToP has its own research department, to provide its customers with new technologies.



EiToP is also providing calibration services for all inspection tools and devices at our own facility or at the client’s site


Training & Certification

EiToP provides training & certification services to cover all its clients requirements and scope of works.



EiToP supplies best brands from the most famous companies worldwide to its valuable customers.


EiToP Products

Drill Pipe EMI unit ”Horus 5003”

EiToP is working now on a new model of portable DP units which is a result of a deferent development and research techniques. The Horus 5003 is a dual function EMI unit by detecting transverse imperfections and by monitoring localized and un- localized wall thickness reduction. The Horus 5003 will come very soon with newly added specifications in addition to all 5002 unit’s specifications.

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BHA Inspection Equipments

The following are the main BHA equipments that EiToP manufacturing right now, other items could be supplied through our supply service.

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EiToP new horizons


The company recently expanded to serve other areas, whether in the oilfield or other industries EiToP lately launched two branches; one in Houston USA, and another in London UK, which has allowed many opportunities and facilities for EiToP to meet more requirements of its customers around the world. EiToP has moved its main office to be in UK instead of Egypt which give it more capabilities and opportunities Our presence in many countries around the world especially in the Middle East plus our human and technical capabilities as well as the previously mentioned facilities, give us a competitive advantages EiToP is currently looking for new horizons to expand the scope of its work and to do more businesses in Egypt, USA, UK and worldwide.

Quality and reliability are the hallmarks that have given EiToP a solid reputation in the Middle East and worldwide.

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Our success depends mainly on a highly experienced workforce of engineers, technicians and administrators with an honorable work history.

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